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About Us

With fresh and honest ingredients we go the distance to make products that are refreshingly real.

While making our own cold-pressed juices at home using organic produce (some that grew in our own garden) we developed a fascination with freshness.  Why did the juices taste better when pressed fresh?  Why were they brighter tasting and more energizing?  We were lead on a journey to develop processes that not only extract the natural freshness of whole ingredients but also to preserve it in convenient, easy-to-consume products.  From there, the idea of Real Pops was born: ice pops made from fresh, flavourful ingredients without all the sugar. 


The idea for Real Sips came almost as quickly as a lucky discovery during the recipe development of Real Pops.  But it would take a couple years, sourcing the right technology and funding, before we’d be able to launch what we think is truly an exciting innovation. 

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