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Are Real Sips made of powders or syrups?

No, Real Sips are made from whole and fresh ingredients and therefore are substantially less processed. Real Sips are made from fresh fruits, teas, herbs and bitters, pressed and brewed in house. You will find Real Sips taste brighter, fresher and make you feel great and we think it has a lot to do with this extra effort behind the scenes. Check out some of our favorite ingredients.

How do I use Real Sips?

Real Sips allow you to completely customize your beverage. Add them to flat or sparkling water, enjoy them cold or hot, and even dilute them up to 25 fl. oz. (750 mL). Make juices, sodas, flavored waters, flavored plant milks, instant hot teas – you can even create your own punch blends by mixing flavors together! We highly recommend adding your favorite spirit to Real Sips for an adult beverage.

Do Real Sips contain added sugar?

Real Sips contain no added sugar. They are sweetened with Monk Fruit juice concentrate which is a natural zero sugar and zero calorie sweetener made from the gourd. Monk Fruit is getting more attention for its mogrosides, antioxidants that potentially have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Do Real Sips contain anything artificial?

No, Real Sips are 100% natural. Real Sips do not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, colorants, etc. 

How do I store Real Sips? 

Real Sips need to be stored at frozen temperatures in the freezer. Please put them in your freezer as soon as they arrive. 

How many Real Sips should I get? 

If you're unsure where to start your order, the chart below might help. Recommended order sizes noted here maximize your savings. Remember, you can always contact us to change your order volume and flavors.  

People in Household   Sips and Frequency Savings
1 Standard Box (80 Sips): every 10-12 weeks 5% + 10%
2 Family Box (120 Sips): every 10-12 weeks 5% + 10%
4 Family Box (120 Sips):  every 6 weeks 5% + 10%
Are Real Sips and Real Pops organic? 

Yes, Real Sips are 97% organic and Real Pops are certified organic. The only times that we use non-organic ingredients are when the organic version is not available - even then, we must have a very good reason for using the non-organic ingredient.  

Are the shipping containers environmentally friendly?

Our shipping containers are 100% recyclable. Your Sips will arrive in a cardboard box that can be put into the recycling. Since Real Sips do not need to be frozen during their short shipping period, there is no extra waste such as insulation or frozen packs.

Can I change the flavors in my box when I subscribe?

Yes, definitely! Please contact us at and let us know which flavors you would like in your next shipment. Please let us know by the Saturday before your next shipment.

Where do you ship to?

Due to the short shipping window required to keep our products fresh, we are currently only able to ship to the contiguous United States and Canada

When will I receive my order?

We ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays and our shipping time is always 1-3 days. Order before Saturday at 5pm if you would like your order to arrive the following week. 

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number for each order along with updates from the courier company

Is it ok that my Real Sips defrosted in the mail?

Yes, this is not a problem but please make sure to put your Real Sips in the freezer by the 'Freeze by date' marked on the insert in your shipment.

What if my package arrives after the 'Freeze by Date'?

Please contact us immediately at and do not consume the contents. Orders for addresses that cannot receive 1-3 day shipping service will be cancelled and a refund issued.

How long can Real Sips be defrosted for?

Once refrozen, after shipping, Real Sips can be defrosted one more time and held at room temperature for up to 6 hours. Feel free to take a Sip to work or pack one in a lunchbox!

Why do I have to buy a full box for FREE shipping? 

We make a big effort to keep our products affordable while still using top quality fresh, and organic ingredients. Shipping is pricey with the quick turnaround times we need to keep your products fresh. 

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